New release 02/08/2021
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The “WAIT!” is Over with New RYSE Collaboration

The “WAIT!” is Over with New RYSE Collaboration
RYSE UP Collaborations Continue with New Hit Single Featuring Chris Lyric, Alfred Nomad and Jay Cass Production

(Los Angeles) Fresh off its latest hip hop release, RYSE Up unveils Chris Lyric’s “WAIT!,” featuring Alfred Nomad and produced by Jay Cass. The song is slated to release on all platforms February 7, 2021.

“Wait!” was created through the RYSE app, and is the fifth collaboration pushed out through the RYSE Up partnership. The alliance was built when producer Jay Cass, most well-known for his previous rap career, placed an old beat on RYSE’s platform with a callout. The callout was answered by Chris Lyric and Alfred Nomad, who quickly wrote lyrics and recorded the hit record through Google Meet. Nomad attributes the success of the song to its message of universal love.

“I’ve recently had a spiritual revelation to focus on producing disco-inspired songs. I put this beat into the universe and found incredible partners to collaborate with,” Jay Cass, producer of “WAIT!” said. “I can attribute this song to RYSE and the work of their team. They knew who to contact to help bring this song to life and to match the new image and vibe I’m trying to create for myself.”

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About Ryse Up
RYSE is a social mobile app that connects artists with opportunities. The technology delivers a solution for artists to callout, be heard, collaborate and be discovered. RYSE is built around the behaviors of the social media generations and provides avenues for artists to connect, it matches revenue opportunities for artists, it grows networks algorithmically, and it helps artists find new audiences.